Daisy Says Hello

Howdy Daisy Fans!

It’s been a super busy week so I haven’t had much time to visit Daisy.  I did manage to squeak this comic out between projects. Enjoy and see you again soon! Click Here to read today’s Comic!

Keep on Truckin!

My Ball of Goo the “complete” story is rolling along and closing in on one hundred pages! This will be the largest collection I’ve ever produced.  Here to keeping my wits and getting it done!

A little Bully Technique

With this weeks sideways bit, I thought I would share a bit of info about my favorite drawing technique, which is the bird’s eye view, or three point perspective drawing.  Using this technique is a great way to draw a viewer into the image.

Below is a base pencil drawing of a scene. Scroll down to see the breakdown.

I have outlined the direction of the image. As you can see smaller items rest near or at the vanishing point and move outward from there. The green lizard on the right hand side is the biggest item in the image, he is the closest to the viewer and the furthest from our little vanishing point where the perspective begins.

Broken down even further you can see the direction lines.  Happy reading!

A different side to the story

While drawing Bully I have often wondered what might be happening just to the right to the left, or just around the bend of any particular day.  Sideways is a fun weekly experiment to see just what the heck the is going on when everybody else is “off screen”.  Enjoy my new little vision,  and thanks for following Bully!