Daisy Comics

Daisy Blog image_02 I love a good prank…

Daisy Blog image_02  Generally I love my bed.. but not that night.

Daisy Blog image_02 I tell ya Randall..

Daisy Blog image_02 I bet you didn’t know I was the creative type.

Daisy Blog image_02 This used to be my favorite cat.

Daisy Blog image_02  Who doesn’t like candy! I know I do…stupid carrots.

Daisy Blog image_02   Hey, I know this was 4 years ago but I like to look back at the good ole days.

Daisy Blog image_02 I made a new friend today at school.


Daisy Blog image_02  Who says I’m not a good listener!


Daisy Blog image_02 Nothing like a nice spring day bike ride.


Daisy Blog image_02  Dad’s pep talks don’t always go as planned!


Daisy Blog image_02 Who says Cats get to have all the comfy spots in the house!



Daisy Blog image_02Here’s a tip gang, never play hide and seek with a master.


Daisy Blog image_02 I’ve got some great new make up tips if anyone is interested.


Daisy Blog image_02 Dad doesn’t think too much of my electric ideas…


Daisy Blog image_02 See, I can learn from nature. One with nature I always say..


Daisy Blog image_02 Winter can be tough on our little feathery friends, Not to worry, I took care of them…


Daisy Blog image_02 Proper cold weather attire is extremely important!


Daisy Blog image_02 So taking out the trash is quite a process don’t ya know..

If you want to see my last few comics from 2015 here’s the link..Daisy 2015

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