Beginnings of an idea

I thought I’d share the very first comic that inspired my current story of Goo. Originally,  it was an experiment but it got shelved and sat on a pile back pile of my desk for about a year before I thought I might revisit the idea. The very first thing I changed was the name (Blobby) yeah, we all start somewhere right.


Goo Production Continues

Hi all! hard pressed production continues on the complete story “My Ball of Goo“, and it has been one of the biggest projects and most exciting projects I have created. There are twists and turns around every corner as the story develops and crystalizes. Some days the drawing is simple and some days its a grind just to get the smallest things right, like shoes, and hands!  Still, I am really excited to continue and bring Goo to its full and finished form.  A publication date is still up in the air but I will post it far in advance.  -Andrew

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In The Raw


Production continues on the full Goo Story!  Here is a raw pencil drawing that hasn’t gone through the entire production process. From this point the image will get cleaned,  inked, scanned and colorized.  After I do this a thousand times I’ll eventually have a book!

Getting it done!

Great News! The Full length “My Ball of Goo” story is in the works. However, the regular posting of our story is going  to slow down for a few weeks as I devote my energies to completing the full length project which includes about 40 more pages, back story cover, full page illustrations and tons of additional material.  Yeah, that’s a ton of work…so I’d better keep at it. I’ll keep you posted. Feel free to check out “My Ball of Goo”  so far if you haven’t done so!  And of course keep following Bully’s new adventure everyday.